rpm hardware selling portal

If you are a professional home decor or hardware manufacturer and you’re looking for a one of a kind marketplace to increase your sales and expand your customer base. Look no further, RPM Hardware a division of Bolton Group, Inc. is the partnership you have been looking for.

Bolton Group, Inc. will expose your products to millions of customers around the world through various websites; blogs, social media advertisement, effective marketing and exposure helping you achieve your desired business goals.


Complementary exposure to thousands of existing customers worldwide
Over 10 years of experience in the industrial hardware market
Secure state of the art 120,000sq ft fulfillment center
No limit on products you can add to the marketplace
Easy to navigate and user friendly seller portal
Flat 18% commission fee. No Hidden Fees!

Signing up to become a seller is the first step to a prosperous and profitable relationship between you and RPM Hardware.

Becoming a seller is as easy as 1, 2 & 3 

Signing up to become a seller does not imply guarantee of partnership. Other criteria must be met before approval, please refer to Sellers Terms & Conditions tab for full details.

To Become a Seller:

1. Click on the (Join RPM Hardware Marketplace Today!) button or visit http://www.rpmhardware.com/index.php?route=account/registerseller to register

2. Fill the registration form in its entire and make sure at the bottom of the form after reading the Terms and Conditions, you checkmark the box to the right of it and click the Continue button.

IMPORTANT: To expedite the review process, please provide a Website Link (if available) and as much detail as possible regarding the products you manufacture under the Company Description field. This information will help us determine if your product line meets our product criteria.

3. If no errors were found in the form, you will be directed to a new page Your Account Has Been Created!. You will also receive a welcome email from RPM Hardware 
NOTE: Please allow 24 to 48 hrs for your partnership request to be reviewed by the marketplace administrator. Once approved, you will receive an approval email and immediately will be able to log in as vendor. 

Thank you for choosing RPM Hardware as your selling partner. We hope we can facilitate a long lasting relationship with our vendors and mutual customers.

To become one of our partners, the first step is to register at http://www.rpmhardware.com/index.php?route=account/registerseller.

NOTE: We are currently limiting partnerships to only merchants who carry similar products as to what RPM Hardware currently carries. Once you register, we will review your information and either approve or deny within 5 to 7 business days depending on your product line.

Vendor Fees: There are currently no vendor registration fees. Setting up a vendor account will not cost you any money.

Commission Fees: The current fee for selling your products via RPM Hardware Marketplace is a net 15% of the product price plus a 3% flat fee for payment processing. We clarify below:

1. 15% commission on any item sold via RPM Hardware Marketplace.

2. 3% per order for merchant payment processing (credit card processing fee).

Shipping cost: Shipping cost will be charged only the payment processing fee (3%). No commission will be taken on shipping cost. As a drop ship vendor, you will be shipping your product. You will need to determine the shipping cost on each individual item you put on our marketplace. We will transfer the shipping amount into your account minus the 3% payment processing fee.

Drop Ship Vendor Returns: As a drop ship vendor, you must adopt to RPM's return policy. RPM has a 14 day return policy from the date customer receives the merchandise. There will be a 20% restocking fee on all returns.

All returns should be shipped to your warehouse, not RPM's warehouse. Please be sure to include a packing slip with your order that outlines the procedure to return an item to your warehouse.

We will reduce the amount of your next deposit by the amount of the returned items(s) minus our commission and payment processing fees. Once the return has been confirmed, we will proceed to refund our mutual customer the amount of the return minus the 20% restocking fee.

Fulfillment Handling & Storage Fees

Sale Service:
Seller is responsible for the accuracy and integrity of any product uploaded to be sold under the RPM Hardware Marketplace platform. RPM will provide for the seller product marketing, promotions, sales and other services collectively referred as sales services.
Sales Service Fee:
After the successful sale of any of the seller products, RPM Hardware will charge the seller a 15% of the sale price of the product. Shipping fees or taxes are excluded from this fee.

Warehousing Services:
With exception of Drop Ship Sellers, RPM Hardware will provide sellers with a secure state of the art 120,000 sq. ft. warehouse storage located at 16300 Shoemaker Ave, Cerritos California 90703 for storage of seller products until product is sold out.
Warehouse Service Fee:
After seller product is received at RPM's warehouse, storage fees will be waived for the first month. Fees will commence on the second month based on $0.50 USD per cubic feet and will remain in effect until the product is sold out or removed from the warehouse.

Outbound and Order Processing Services:
RPM Hardware will provide various services such as receiving, inspection, warehousing, stocking, order processing, picking, packing and delivery. Collectively referred as order processing services.
Outbound Order Processing Fees:
RPM Hardware will charge per item sold a 2% order processing fee or up to a maximum for an entire order of up to $30.00 USD

Payment Processing Fees:
RPM Hardware will deduct from all applicable transactions, a 3% payment transaction fee for orders processed using Paypal or credit card.
Settlement Time:
RPM Hardware will process seller payments on the 1st and 16th of every month.
Settlement Process:
RPM Hardware will send statement to seller indicating the amount that RPM Hardware is due to pay the seller. Within 2 business days, Seller must acknowledge/confirm in writing that the the payout is correct. If discrepancies exist, seller must notify RPM Hardware immediately to correct any discrepancies.

How to Upload a New Product:

General tab

1. Product Name
Using 65 characters or less including spaces, create a title name that clearly describes your product. The product name will be displayed as the main product title on the marketplace product page, category page and internal search results page. 
Example: 1 3/4" Tall Solid Brass Dark Oil Bronze House letters

2. Description
In this section, you can enter as much information as possible about your product. The description will be displayed on the product page only, however search engines may also utilize part of this content on search results. As a good practice, always avoid the excessive use of repeated keywords.
Example: Our 1 3/4 inch house letters will help enhance the visibility of your home address while beautifying your home. RPM Hardware letters are built to outlast any other letters manufactured by our competition…etc etc

3. Meta Tag Title
Using up to 55 characters including spaces, create a descriptive and unique product title name that will be displayed across all search engines and also on the Marketplace browser tab. Always avoid excessive repeated keywords.
Example: 1 3/4 Inch Dark Oil Bronze A Through Z Home Letters

4. Meta Tag Description
Using up to 160 characters including spaces, create a relevant description paragraph that will be used on all search engines results to display brief information about  your product. This description will only be visible and displayed on search engines results.
Example: Besides Our Popular 1 3/4 inch tall Dark Bronze letters known as 613 finish, we also carry a large selection of other finishes and sizes for your home needs…

5. Meta Tag Keywords
Meta Keywords are mainly designed to be used for search engines. To avoid getting penalize for spamming, limit the use of the same word to no more than 3 times. All keywords must be separated by commas and must use non capitalized letters
Example: house letters, 1 and 3/4 inch height letters, 613 finish, dark oil bronze finish, etc...

6. Product Tags
Product Tags are helpful to produce faster and more relevant internal search results in our Marketplace. All tags must be separated by commas and usage of capitalized letters is acceptable.
Example: 1 /3/4 Inch Letters, Dark Oil Bronze, 613 Finish, Etc…

Data tab

1. Model
Using up to 25 characters or less, either create or use an existing unique model number you may have for each individual product. Important: This model must be unique and can not be used with any other product.

2. SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
The SKU will be used for stock inventory, it will also serve as cross reference number in the event your product model number is different. Note: You can use the model number as SKU number if you prefer.

3. Price
Enter the individual product price without any additional fees. This is the price customers will pay for your product without any VAT or TAX. The product price must always be entered in dollar currency.

4. Tax Class
You must ALWAYS select Taxable Goods. This will ensure any customer living in USA California will pay the required state tax for the product.

5. Quantity
In this field you must enter the quantity amount you will be supplying our fulfillment warehouse to keep in inventory. This quantity will be reduced automatically by every successfully order received.

 6. SEO Keyword
Using up to 55 characters, create a unique SEO url address. Each word must be separated by a dash -. and must not have any spaces or capitalized letters. This will generate a SEO url that will display in the address bar like http:/www.rpmhardware.com/house-numbers-letters/house-letters/mp2-a-z-613 Note: To make it unique, we recommend you use the model number at the end. See example below
Example: 2-inch-home-letters-model-

7. Image
This image will be used as the main product image. Only the following extensions are allowed .jpg . jpge .png. The image size must not be larger than 800 x 800 pixels with a resolution no higher than 72 DPI (dots per inch)

 8. Dimensions (L x W x H)
Here you will need to enter the appropriate outside dimensions of the individual product in INCHES. Length, Width & Height

9. Length Class
This is used as the unit of measure and must always be selected as INCH

10. Weight
Here you must enter the appropriate net weight of the product in POUNDS. Please round off to the next pound
Example: 1 pound and 2 ounces will be entered as 2

11. Weight Class
You must always select Pound for the weight class

Links tab

1. Manufacturer
The only option currently is RPM.

2. Categories
This is an autocomplete field. You will need to select from the drop down menu, the most relevant category or sub-category for the product you are selling.
Example: If you sell Door Hinges, you need to begin by typing door in the category field, than the following will display:
Door Bolts

Door Hinges (Select this as your category if you sell Door Hinges)
Door Knockers and Viewers 
Door Knockers and Viewers > Door Knockers.
Categories with Sub-Categories. Example: The first part Door Knockers and Viewers, represents the main category and the second part after the > Door Knockers represents the subcategory. Select the one that best represents the product you are offering.

3. Filters
If applicable, place your cursor over the filter field and select from the drop down the filter that best matched your finish, material or size for your product. Multiple filters can be selected one by one.  

Not required

5. Related Products
(temporarily disabled) If you have additional products in the marketplace that are related to this product, you could add them here. Please limit to 4 related products.

Images tab

1. On this section, you can add up to 4 additional images that will be used as thumbnails below your main product image. To add, simply click on the blue plus button. This will generate a Product Image Coming Soon placeholder, click on the placeholder image which will open your local hard drive from where you can select the image you wish to upload.